Arctic Professorship, Finland, for an anthropologist?

Dear readers,

belown seems to be a really promising job opening. For our community of Arctic Anthropologists, of course we would be most interested in getting as many good anthropologists among the applicants as possible. Because if one of ‘our’ people gets the post, we increase our anthropology professors’ ‘headcount’ in the Finnish North by 33%! :), and we strenghthen anthropological expertise in the North. Here is the job ad:

The University of Oulu invites applications for a full professorship position in  Arctic research combined with the post of Vice President of Research of the University of the Arctic.

The professorship as such is a new one at the university, the UArctic Vice President of Research position has been at the University since 2014. The Professor of Arctic Research will have half of the position at one of the University’s faculties (at the most relevant one depending on his/her expertise) and the other half at the Thule Institute, where he/she will be leading the UArctic Thematic Networks and the Research Liaison offices.

More information about the position and the application and selection procedures at the University of Oulu’s Saima recruitment system.

Applications, including attachments, should be submitted using the electronic application form by September 2, 2016.

For further information about the application and selection procedures, please contact

Vice Rector Research Taina Pihlajaniemi

University of Oulu

Tel. +358 294 48 5800

email: taina.pihlajaniemi(at)
President Lars Kullerud

The University of the Arctic

tel: +47 9087 0099

email: lars.kullerud(at)