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Sámi herding, Utsjoki, Lemmenjoki Finland TV

For those interested in Sámi reindeer herding in northern Finland, and Utsjoki, and especially those who know German, you may be interested to watch a programme in the German second channel ZDF that they were sending for the end of … Continue reading

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“Electronic Memory of the Arctic” – conference on cultural communication in the circumpolar world

It’s a high profile conference taking place in St Petersburg, with support by the Arctic Council, RF Ministry of Foreign Affairs, RF Ministry of Culture and the Russian Geographical Society. For us arctic anthropologists, it’s nice to see that this … Continue reading

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Santa anthropology? Santa Claus link collection

Where would be a better place than at the Arctic Circle to establish a research unit on the ethnography and social anthropology of Santa Clauses? When we think about Santa, we mostly get the image of this Coca-Cola dressed red … Continue reading

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