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Fieldwork stories is an idea that Evelyn Landerer had for entertaining friends during the ‘stay at home’ time in the corona crisis. In discussions with Florian Stammler we developed this into a project that we thought might become bigger: little stories from our fieldwork that do not usually end up in scholarly articles may reveal a lot about how we anthropologists got to the insights and ‘data’ that later formed the basis for our publications; and of course will be fun to  listen to.

Here we invite all colleagues who have an interesting story to tell to send it to us. It should be as easy as possible: just grab your phone, talk something into the voice recorder, and send it off by email to Florian (fstammle(at) or Evelyn (evelanderer(at)

If possible, please state at the beginning  of the sound file, or in the email in which you send the sound file, some basic ‘metadata’. We think the basics are: two or three keywords about what your story is; where the story takes place (country and/or region) ; and whether your name should be listed with your story. We will upload your stories here, and they will appear as a separate entry and on the list on this page.

We would like to keep the story creating process as simple and convenient as possible  for everyone. Whenever a story pops into your head just record it and send it to us. If you feel like it, and have time, you can add a short description, as well as year, geographic location, and whatever you like. But that’s up to you. We would like to keep this as easy as possible, with open end for sophistication.

Please feel free to tell the story in any language you like.

We would  like to address anthropologists working anywhere in the world, not just the arctic, as the title of this blog might infer. For starters we are using this blog as a platform, but if it takes off, we might move it to another site.

If many of us contribute, we may end up with an impressive sound library of fieldwork stories from all over the place. Wouldn’t that be fun, and rewarding to listen to?

You are warmly invited to participate.

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