Decolonising indigenous knowledge? Reading circle 12 May 2022 noon Finnish time

Indigenous knowledge, or better indigenous ways of knowing, have been key to anthropological debates on human-environment relations in the Arctic, even more so since climate change has increased the interest in this field of ours so much. Everyone is welcome if you like, to a discussion about a recent article in Current Anthropology on indigenous knowledge from completely somewhere else: the text is by: Arndt, Grant. 2022. ‘The Indian’s White Man: Indigenous Knowledge, Mutual Understanding, and the Politics of Indigenous Reason’. Current Anthropology 63(1):10–30. doi: 10.1086/719380. The author makes interesting links between a critique of the ontological turn in anthropology, and the “metastasizing struggles over whiteness and racism growing now” (p 27). If you want, read the article and join our discussion at noon Finnish time, either physically in Rovaniemi’s Arktikum building on the second floor, Borealis meeting room, or anywhere online with this link. For those physically coming, some tea and bisquits will be served.

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