Nomadic or sedentary life: difficult choice?

Most people on our planet make their life choices mostly about in which settlement, country, climate etc they want to live. But the remaining nomads in the Arctic (unfortunately there are not that many any more) have this additional decision to make whether they bring up their children out on the tundra or in a settlement, town or city. This difficult life choice is fascinating and the topic of a film that we are going to watch today in the anthropology research team in Rovaniemi.

Life of Ivanna, 2021, by Renato Serrano

The film “Live of Ivanna” is made by a Director born in Guatemala residing in Russia married to a Russian woman from Taimyr. He has spent four years of his professional life for this work. Here are some interesting links and reviews

If you want to watch it with us, come to Arctic Centre’s “Borealis” lecture room in Rovaniemi today at 18.30 Finnish time. Alternatively, you can also watch the film remotely and then join a discussion about it in MS teams under this link

For watchting the film remotely, you need to write an email to Florian Stammler to get the password for the access to the online version (this is not freely available).