Lectures and events, autumn 2012, anthropology research team, Rovaniemi

Open invitation to all, academic and practitioner participants – no RSVP required. Additional posters and announcements for the different events will be posted at the door of the venue. Please see also separate programmes and announcements on the “lectures and events” page of this blog

Unless otherwise announced, all events to be held in the “Borealis” room of the Arctic Centre, further questions to Florian Stammler or Anna Stammler-Gossmann

Thursday 22 November 12:00 –“How do we see the sea?” EU-ACCESS project
Dr. Dmitrii Klochkov. (Director of Marine Informatics Company, Murmansk, Russia )
“Man and Sea: Life on board of Russian trawler.”
Dmitrii Klochkov has decade long history in studying and providing information for and about Russian high Arctic fishery in the Barents Sea and is a cooperation partner in Anna Stammler-Gossmann’s component of the EU ACCESS project.

26-27/11 Workshop Oral History and Arctic Anthropology, various lecturers and presentations
Start – Monday 12:00, end Tuesday 19:00, open participation, see separate programme
ORHELIA project activity

Special guest lectures include:

Monday 26 Nov, 09:00 Dr Elena Lyarskaya (European University of St Petersburg)
Biography interviews, oral history and forgetting
Elena Lyarskaya is a researcher in Anthropology with a special interest on the Yamal-Nenets of Siberia. Her work focuses mainly on topics around children, residential schooling, gender relations and notions of privacy. She teaches a course and coordinates the Siberian research seminar series within the Arctic Studies Program of EUSP

Monday 26 Nov, 10:30, Maxim Kuchinski (Sámi Knowledge Centre, Lovozero)
Sámi materials in Russian archives and Sámi knowledge Centre
Maxim Kuchinski is an anthropologist with a background from the Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. He established and runs the Centre for Sámi Knowledge in Lovozero, the principle settlement of the Kola Sámi

Monday 26 Nov 11:30 Suvi Kivelä (National Archives of Finland)
Sámi cultural heritage in Finnish archives, and private Skolt Sámi archives
Suvi Kivelä is a researcher on Sámi oral and written cultural heritage at the recently established Sámi archives operations of the National Archives in Inari, Lapland, hosted at the Sajos cultural centre.

Monday 26 Nov,  14:00     Prof Nikolay Vakhtin (European University of St Petersburg)
“Arctic Studies: Soviet, Western, and Russian Approaches to Cooperation with Indigenous Partners”  (in cooperation with ARKTIS doctoral programme)

Nikolay Vakhtin is University Professor of Arctic Social Sciences at the European University, St Petersburg (EUSP). He has worked on  sociolinguistics and preservation of language and cultures of Arctic indigenous minorities. He acted as rector of his university from 2003-2009.

29/30 November, Guest visit in cooperation with ARKTIS graduate school

Professor Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez (Universidad del Salvador & Buenos Aires)
Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez is Professor of Sociology and has worked extensively on South American history of Social Science, the image of the Arctic and Antarctic among urban South Americans, migration between the peripheries and centres of the subcontinent. Ibanez is the main editor of the International Journal of Circumpolar Sociocultural Issues

Thursday 29 November, 15:00, Polarium theatre

Introduction to Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez  “The Handle”

The documentary film is audiovisual interpretation of George Simmel’s theory ‘The metropolis and mental life’ about the overwhelming power of metropolitan life and individual content of life.

Friday 30 November 16:30, “How do we see the sea” Polarium theatre

Life in extreme environment: Antarctic Ocean and risks on board & documentary film “The ship”

Tuesday 20 November 12:00         – “How do we see the sea” – Polarium theatre

Christian Flores Aldama (filmmaker, Mexico/Finland), documentary show
‘Notes about the sea: Composition on blue and red’. (Marine environment and pollution in Gulf of Mexico)

Friday 16 November 14:00     –“How do we see the sea?”  –   EU-ACCESS project

Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann, lecture and short film
“‘Domesticated’ fish: what is behind our salmon steak?”
Anna Stammler-Gossmann from the Anthropology Research Team has worked on climate change and community vulnerability in Russia and Norway and now leads the Arctic Centre’s part on the anthropology of the Arctic Ocean of the EU Arctic ACCESS project.

Wednesday 14 November 14:00                 – EU-ACCESS project activity

Workshop organized by Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann
“Making a film from field materials with almost zero experience”

Tuesday 13 November, 10:00 Prof Gail Fondahl (University of Northern British Columbia, Canada, and President, International Arctic Social Sciences Association)

Reflections on a Visit to the ‘Tree of Memory’: Evenki land rights, territoriality and resource development in Siberia     (in cooperation with ARKTIS graduate school, see here for a poster and abstract)

Gail Fondahl is a professor of Geography of the University of Northern British Columbia, and has acted as her University’s vice-rector for many years. She currently also serves as the President of IASSA, the International Arctic Social Sciences Association. Her background is in human cultural social geography.