How do we see the sea: multiple meanings of seawater

Domesticated fish, photo: Anna Stammler_Gossmann

Series of lectures and documentary films, November 16 – 29, 2012 by Arctic Anthropology Team (ACCESS project Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society, Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann)

Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann (Arctic Centre, Finland). Lecture: ‘Domesticated’ fish: what is behind our salmon steak?
Presentation of the fieldwork documentary ‘Fresh Norwegian Salmon: Farmed and monitored’, 9 min. November 16, 2pm, Thule, Arctic Centre

Christian Flores Aldama (filmmaker, Mexico/Finland)
Documentary film ‘Notes about the sea: Composition on blue and red’. (Marine environment and pollution in Gulf of Mexico), 50 min, language: Spanish with English subtitles.
November 20, 12:00, Polarium theatre, Arktikum house

Dr. Dmitrii Klochkov (Director of Marine Informatics Company, Murmansk, Russia )
Lecture: Man and Sea: Life on board of Russian trawler. November 22, 12am, Borealis, Arctic Centre,

Prof. Enrique del Acebo Ibáñez (Universidad del Salvador and University of Buenos Aires (Argentina). Organized in cooperation with the ARKTIS doctoral program,
Introductory lecture: Life in extreme environment: Antarctic Ocean and risks on board.
Documentary film ‘The Ship’, 75 min, language: Spanish with English subtitles. November 30, Polarium, Arktikum, 16:30

organized by Anna Stammler-Gossmann