An urgent and important initiative to move forward with EU support of Arctic research together with Indigenous communities

I would like to encourage you with this post to fill in a short anonymous survey on your experiences and challenges with the co-creation of knowledge here:

We know that collaborative methods and ways to co-create or co-produce knowledge are on everybody’s lips today when it comes to research on the territories of Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic. But obstacles to truly realizing it are manifold. The gap we would like to fill is how to build appropriate institutional support and funding structures within the EU- research funding landscape.

Therefore the CO-CREATE initiative started “CO- CREATE: Comprehensive Policy Brief to the EU Commission – A Roadmap to decolonial Arctic research”, funded by EU-PolarNet 2

The questions to be answered are short, and you are free to answer them as elaborately as you like. We know that there is great expertise at the side of Indigenous communities as well as the researcher’s community, that should be considered in the EU-Commissions planning.

What the survey asks about:

  • examples of best practice/ good experience/ benefits from your experience with carrying out co-creative research
  • key obstacles experienced when carrying out co-creative research
  • support and structures that are needed for Indigenous actors and communities to facilitate joint research with true local benefit and to avoid overburden or research fatigue on part of Indigenous partners
  • your opinion on steps the EU Commission could take to involve Indigenous voices in the development of their funding calls and other actions and instruments (throughout the whole project cycle) and experience with other major funding agencies and aspects that could be a model for the EU context

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