Calving started in Yamal reindeer herding

Our friend Eduard Khudi and his wife Valentina sent these photos today, of the first reindeer calf of the year, born the 27th April in the Yamal tundra in the camp of Sergei Serotetto’s son Lev. The big wave of calving has not started yet, but since then around 5-7 calves have appeared in this herd around 150 km North of Yar Sale on the Yamal Peninsula. The winter was good apparently and the icing over of pastures in the spring was bearable. It’s so sad to not be able to travel there right now to join them! We were supposed to be in the field now! And Sergei Serotetto’s wife is wondering why on earth we don’t come. If you see these nice pictures you really can imagine how far this is from these conflicts that the world is worrying about now.

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