Arctic Research: Co-production of Knowledge

The intensive Finnish-Russian PhD course “Arctic Research: Co-production of Knowledge” organised by the Arctic Centre (University of Lapland) will be taking place 20-24 April 2019, in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Attention to the issue of knowledge co-production in research, policymaking, services and public debates is growing, but what counts as co-production and what interaction between science and society should entail in practice remains often unclear. The Finnish-Russian intensive PhD course provides an opportunity to learn more about the forms and values of multiple, often conflicting concepts of knowledge and discuss options available for the integration of the ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ into the Arctic research. The school offers a platform for interdisciplinary exchange in different research fields: from environmental-, identities-, indigenous-, art and design- to tourism-, extractive industries-, virtual reality- and legal studies.

Acknowledgment: Course organisers wish to thank Finnish National Agency for Education EDUFI (grant number: 220000085711) for the financial support on this project.

Project coordination by Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann;
Project management by Dr. Nina Messtyb

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2 thoughts on “Arctic Research: Co-production of Knowledge

  1. Эльвира

    Программа курса очень познавательная, насыщенная и интересная, выражаю глубокую признательность организаторам курса.
    В первый день мы побывали в уникальном туристическом центре Яны Намбер, где ознакомились с историческим концептом ведения бизнеса, владельцы показали свои владения, питомцев хаски, мы отведали вкусные домашние пирожные, пообедали, теперь представление о фингляндии складывается в одно красочное приятное воспоминание.
    Далее в последующие дни были насыщенные семинары, которые еще предстоит осмыслить.

  2. elvira

    The course program is very informative, rich and interesting, expresses deep gratitude to the organizers of the course.
    On the first day, we worked in the unique tourist center of Yana Namber, where our possessions and tutors were shown, we presented delicious home-made cakes, had lunch, and now we present storage facilities in one colorful pleasant memory.
    The following days were full of seminars that are still to be understood.

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