ICE LAW meeting ’Climate, fish and fisheries sector: Local and indigenous perspectives’

On April 16-17, 2019, Arctic Centre, Rovaniemi, Finland.
(For more information please contact Anna Stammler-Gossamann)


April 16, Thule room
Session 1: 9:00 – 12.00

  • Prof. Koivurova Timo, Director of the Arctic Centre. Coordinator of ICE LAW sub-project: Legal perspective
  • Dr. Stammler-Gossmann Anna, Arctic Centre. Coordinator of ICE LAW sub-project: Local and indigenous perspectives: Arctic fisheries in the context of climatic changes.
  • Dr. Klochkov Dmitry. Director of Marine Informatics, Murmansk, ’Climate change and the current status of commercial fish stock in the North-East Atlantic 
  • Kiselev Sergei. Fisheries regional manager of Hampidjan  Group (Iceland), branch office in Russian Federation, Murmansk. Russian-Icelandic cooperation in fisheries
  • Iljasov Artur. Vice-Director in international affairs of ‘Association of Commercial Fisheries’, Murmansk. Marine Stewardship Council and certified sustainable fisheries: Experiences of the ‘Association of Commercial Fisheries’ 2013-2018
  • Golenkevich Aleksei, Coordinator of WWF program on Sustainable Fisheries (Barents Department). Cooperation between WWF and fishers: Reducing the impact of the commercial cod and haddock fisheries on the marine ecosystem of the Barents Sea
  • Documentary screening: ‘Domesticated fish’ – Aquaculture in Finnmark (Norway), 9 min, by Anna Stammler-Gossmann

 Session 2: 13.00 – 16.00

  • Nebasifu Ayonghe Akonwi, Arctic Centre, PhD candidate. Discourses of Artisanal Fishing in Cameroon
  • Keltoum Boumedjane, University of Versailles/Arctic Centre. “Shifting circulation of people, animals and chemical components in the context of Climate Change”
  • Dr. Stammler-Gossmann Anna, Arctic Centre. Arctic fisheries: fish and fishers movement
  • Tissari-Miller Alan, former trawler worker and participants of polar expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, Murmansk/Rovaniemi. Fishing in North Atlantic, life on board and technical equipment of trawlers.
  • Iljasov Artur. Vice-Director in international affairs of ‘Association of Commercial Fisheries’, Murmansk. Vulnerablility of the ecological system of the North-East Atlantic: Innovations in the fish industry and movement for the responsible production of the seafood.
  • Koventsay Sergey, Head of the fish-processing department of OOO “Russian Sea – Aquaculture”, Murmansk. Farmed fish in the Murmansk region

 April 17, Thule room

Session 3: 9:00 – 12:00

  •  Saloniemi Anne. Lapin AMK, Rovaniemi/Inari. Fishing Sami woman
  •  Janne Holopainen. Kalapalvelu 66´33 N company. Rovaniemi. Sea fishing in Norway and in Finnish Lapland in the tourism sector.
  • Lazarev Maxim, Hobby fisher, Murmansk. Hobby fishing and socio-cultural significance of fish consumption in the Murmansk region
  • Platonov Andrei, fisheries technologist, kolkhoz Kalinina, Murmansk region. Commercial fisheries: catch and processing in kolkhoz Kalinin

 Session 4: 13:00 – 15:00

  • Aikio Jouni. Sami Parlament, Livelihood and Legal Committee, Inari. Indigenous perspective: Sami fishing in the Inari lake TBC
  • Pajula Eero. Hobby fisher, member of the leading group ‘Lapland experience technology 2025’, Rovaniemi. Ice fishing in Rovaniemi: Regulations and safety
  •  Stammler-Gossmann Anna. Fieldwork video records: ‘Fishing bears’ and ‘Salmon of Kamchatka (Far East): coming home
  •  Workshop: Knowledge to Knowledge: Different techniques of knife sharpening and fish skinning, conducted by Eero Pajula and Ayonghe Akonwi Nebasifu
  • Stammler-Gossmann Anna. Concluding remark.

 (All sessions are with English-Russian-Finnish translation by Irina Pöyry)

 Acknowledgment: This event was supported by the Leverhulme Trust (ICE LAW: Indeterminate and Changing Environments: Law, the Anthropocene, and the World, University of Durham, UK)



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