New Intern at Arctic Centre Rovaniemi

Léon Fuchs, from Versailles
Léon Fuchs, from Versailles

My name is Léon Fuchs and I will soon be 24 years old. I am a new intern at the Arctic Centre and I will stay in Rovaniemi until August 2015.

I will work with Dr. Anna Stammler Gosmann in the Anthropology Team. I come from France, but I have also lived two years in Sweden and a few months in Ireland.

I have a background in “Languages and Culture” (Strasbourg, France), and “Peace and Development Studies” (Växjö, Sweden). I am currently furthering my education with a second Master’s Degree in “Arctic Studies”, proposed by the University of Versailles, France.

I am specialized in human and social sciences, and I’m highly interested in Northern Fennoscandia. For instance, I have already written a Master’s Thesis on the current situation of the Sami People in Sweden and the concept of self-determination for indigenous peoples (in English).

Besides, I have also published a guidebook focusing on sustainable tourism in Sápmi/Lapland (in French). The aim of this project was to promote local initiatives in northern Finland, northern Norway and northern Sweden.

My main research topics are therefore related with indigenous peoples, climate change and sustainable tourism. I would appreciate to reflect on these particular themes during my stay in Rovaniemi, and I would also love to work a bit in the field.

Otherwise, I do a lot of sports (hiking, indoor soccer, skiing), I like to travel, I’m passionate about photography and I also love to write about my experiences abroad when I have time to.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you,

Best regards,