New gas and old worries in the Arctic – BBC radio Crossing continents

The BBC’s Lucy Ash interviewing Grigori Ledkov, one of two Nenets herder-descendants who made it in to the Russian Parliament in December

Florian Stammler took a group of the BBC to his field site in Yamal, West Siberia, for a programme on herders and the gas industry. It was a challenging trip where we had planned much more than could be achieved in the end, but the programme that you can listen here still highlights some of the crucial questions. Since the time they get on radio and TV is really short, they’ve also put some related stuff on their website, one programme about the ‘dead railway’, Stalin’s GULAG project 501 that should connect the Polar Urals region with the Yenisey region (where the big Norilsk Nickel smelter is) back in the 1950s. There will be also a TV programme with a slightly different orientation on BBC World news in early June. Comments welcome!

6 thoughts on “New gas and old worries in the Arctic – BBC radio Crossing continents

  1. fstammle

    I shall post a link to the TV programme webpage here once I know when it will be on-air.
    Florian Stammler

  2. And here finally a photogallery with some pictures from that trip. There are some mistakes in the captions as these were done by the BBC under time pressure, but all in all it’s alright

    Какая та маленькая часть этих материалов была переведена на русский язык тоже, здесь можно посмотреть:

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