Welcoming Simeon Buckley at the Anthropology Research Team

Hi my name is Simeon Buckley or (Sim) I am a new staff member here at the Arctic Centre.simeon_photo
I am working as a research assistant to Anna Stammler-Gossmann. I am working on a research project which is a comparative study looking at Coastal communities of the Barents region and marine resources use: Seascape and fishing rights. I am a master’s student from RMIT University, which is located in Melbourne Australia.
While living here in Finland I have become very interested in traditional Reindeer husbandry. I am developing a research project which is using traditional reindeer husbandry as a model for the development of the kangaroo meat industry in Australia. The harvesting of kangaroos could be a valuable economic and social resource for indigenous communities in Australia.
I will be working here at the Arctic Centre until the middle of February and I am looking forward to getting to know some of you.
Simeon Buckley