New intern at the Anthropology Research Team

My name is Berit Wahlers and this is the first day of my internship at the Arctic Center in Rovaniemi. I will be spending two month at the Anthropology research team and during this period I will assist the team in their daily work. Apart from that, I will try to find a topic for my Master thesis as well as develop a research question. My interests are on climate change and how it affects the life and culture of local communities in the Arctic and how these communities adapt to it.Berit

I am originally from Bremen, which is located in Northern Germany. Since four and a half years I am studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of Hamburg and I am currently studying my Master’s degree. Last term I did an Erasmus exchange to the University of Copenhagen. During this time I spend some days in Helsinki. This was my first stay in Finland. Now I am glad to get to know the northern part of Finland as well. After contacting Florian Stammler to ask about the possibility of an internship at the Anthropology research team, I decided to take the opportunity to have an insight in the ongoing projects and get supervision for the topic of climate change in the Arctic region.

I look forward to getting to know Finland and its people and having an insight in the anthropological work on the Arctic region.

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