ACCESS kick-off meeting (Sorbonne Universités, Paris), March 8-10.2011

Anna Stammler-Gossmann has attended the kick-off meeting for the “ACCESS” project at the Sorbonne Universités, in Paris on the 8-10 of March 2011.

ACCESS (Arctic Climate Change, Economy and Society) is an European project of the 7th Framework Programme Research and Development started on March 1st, 2011. 27 partners from 8 European countries and from Russia evaluate climatic impacts on marine transportation, fisheries, marine mammals and extraction of oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean. ACCESS is also highly concerned with Arctic governance issues.

During the three days meeting Anna presented the Arctic Centre as a project partner, the research objectives of the Arctic Centre’s tasks for the project and outlined the planned stakeholders’ workshop that she will organise on the theme “Sharing the sea: coexistence and challenges of coastal economies”.

Anna is leading the project task on “Socio-economic impact of climate change on the fishery sector”. Her research is focused on regional and local effects of climate-related environmental changes on fisheries.