Gateway to the Arctic V: Co-production of knowledge

24th to 27th January 2018 in Pyhätunturi (Lapland, Finland)

Arctic Centre (University of Lapland, Finland) hosts the 5th ‘Gateway to the Arctic’ (coordinator Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann). It is organized in cooperation with the Alfred-Wagener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Germany (coordinator Dr. Renate Treffeisen) and Université de Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, France (coordinator Prof. Jan Borm).

Gateway to the Arctic is an interdisciplinary Research Atelier that brings together the young and leading researchers from France, Finland, Germany and other countries to discuss a broad range of topics related to the polar research. This is the first Research Atelier to be held in the Arctic region.  The focus of this year is the ‘Co-production of knowledge’. It will discuss what counts as co-production, ways of thinking differently, their values and forms, and mutual knowledge transfer.

The ‘Gateway to the Arctic’ is greatly supported by Deutsch-Französische Hochschule/Université franco-allemande, Villa Europa.


Welcome to the Arctic Centre             

  • Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann (Arctic Centre, Coordinator of the Arctic Studies Program,). Living in cold places;
  • Prof. Timo Koivorova (Arctic Centre, Director of the Arctic Centre). Finland’s chairmanship of the Arctic  Council;
  • Nicolas Gunslay, (Chief Executive Producer of the Arktikum Science Centre). Arctic in change

Session 1: Lectures

  • Dr. Renate Treffeisen (Coordinator of the Climate Bureau for Polar Regions, Alfred-Wegener-Institute). Gateway to the Arctic” – concept, history and goals
  • Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann (University of Lapland). Recorded climate and experienced nature: Combining scientific and local knowledge.
  • Dr. Stephan Dudeck (University of Lapland / University St. Petersburg). Subsurface resource extraction and indigenous livelihoods in Northern Russia and Western Siberia
  • Dr. Erich Kasten (Director of Foundation for Siberian Cultures) Indigenous knowledge and ritual practice among Koryak reindeer herders in Kamchatka
  • Dr. Nuccio Mazzullo (University of Lapland). Reindeer herding and identities on the move: Sámi people in Finnish Sámiland
  • Dr. Jean-Michel Huctin (Université de Versailles). Knowledge Co-production between Scientists and Inuit Youth: The New InterArctic Project in Greenland and Canada
  • Dr. Klaus Grosfeld  (Alfred-Wegener-Institute) / Dr. Renate Treffeisen (Alfred-Wegener-Institute). Scientific knowledge – knowledge transfer in modern science – examples and strategic approach inside AWI research institute

Session 2: Parallel Workshops

  • Workshop 1: Dr. Erich Kasten (Foundation for Siberian Cultures) / Prof. Jan Borm (Vice-Président délégué Relations Internationales, Université de Versailles). Ethnohistory: Cultural significance of reindeer in the Russian North in historical travel accounts of German speaking researchers
  • Workshop 2: Dr. Stephan Dudeck (University of Lapland) / Dr. Jean Michel Huctin (Université de Versailles). Indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge – differences and possibilities for a dialogue

Session 3: Student presentations

  •  Adriana Campodonnio and Kevin Rafiie (Université de Versailles): Traditional ecological Sami knowledge:
  • Keltoum Boumedjane (Université de Versailles): Cultural representations of reindeer and caribous
  • Julien Dehorter, Stenette van den Berg (Université de Versailles): Cultural representations of Lapland
  • Assi Harkoma (University of Lapland). Indigenous peoples, traditional knowledge and biodiversity –implementation of “Akwé: Kon Guidelines” in management and land use in Finland

 Friday, 26.01.2018

Student presentations

  • Eda Ayaydin (Université de Versailles): Governance in the Arctic: Historical Parameters and Measurement Techniques
  • Elvira Kurmasheva (Université de Versailles): Non-Arctic States and the Russian Arctic: Business, Cooperation, Sustainability
  • Valentina Gogoleva and Galina Argunova (Université de Versailles): Reindeer products (food, clothing, souvenirs…)
  • Boris Grigoriev (Université de Versailles): Arctic sports
  • Tuiaara Kirova and Sargylana Protopopova (Université de Versailles): Santa-Claus tourism in Lapland

Reindeer farm vist

Final workshop

  • Dr. Anna Stammler-Gossmann (University of Lapland). Final workshop Formalizing the informal: Ways to knowledge co-production