Other Blogs

Antroblogi: blog in Finnish language that popularises anthropology in general and also contributes an anthropological point of view to current topics.

Stephan Dudeck – Arctic Fieldwork

My ethnographic journey in this project will lead me to the Russian North, to the Nenets Autonomous region, on the Barents Sea coast.

Cryopolitics – Arctic News and Analyses

Blog of UCLA geography PhD student mia Bennett, having extremely insightful and at the same time broad coverage of all kinds of topics all over the Arctic. Definitely worth reading!

Tiksi: Life in the Russian Arctic

Nice blog by Daria Burnasheva from this place at the Arctic Ocean coast in East Siberia. Topics cover indigenous issues, history, deportation, and life in general.

Abandoned mines Canada

Colleagues in Newfoundland share their research results and insights on the history of Arctic mining, particularly in Canada. Worth reading for those with an interest in extractive industries in the Arctic. Their blog also highlights the political issues related to the legacy of Arctic industrialisation.

Reindeer Blog

The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry intends this blog to be a source of accessible information about the work of ICR and the people involved in the various projects that are undertaken by or supported by ICR. The blog will also track the activities of ICR. The International Centre for Reindeer Husbandry (ICR) is based in Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino in the heart of Sami reindeer husbandry in Norwar and was established in 2005 with an international board of reindeer herders and others from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. You can visit ICR’s homepage at www.reindeerportal.org

Arctic Economics

Blog by an economist from Canada focusing on oil and gas. Will interest those working on extractive industries in the Arctic. Brings together some good info on the links between Russia and the West relating to Arctic extractive industries, alongside info on Russian-western international economic relations.

Far Eastern Borderlands (Russia)

Project by anthropologist Tobias Holzlehner from Alaska that studies the flow of people, commodities, economic practices and spatial strategies, and symbols across two borders in the Russian Far East. A must-read for all interested in border studies!

Northern political economy

The Blog of the multidisciplinary Northern Political Economy (NPE) team, one of the three teams in the sustainable development research group at the Arctic centre, University of Lapland. The motivation to establish such a research team in 2010 came from the recent interest to study Arctic economic development and its various impacts.

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